Designed for routine PCR, genotyping and mutiplex (multiple pairs of primers) PCR. Better than or as good as ABI's AmpliTaq Gold, but priced 25% less!

Friendly Reminder : This product is a replacement of an equivalent product : 2X Universal Taq Master Mix.

2x HotStart PCR Master Mix is a premixed 2x concentrated solution of HoTaq DNA Polymerase, reaction buffer, MgCl2 and dNTPs. The DNA template and primers are simply added for PCR reactions. The consistency and efficiency of routine PCR amplifications are optimized.

MCLAB's HoTaq is modified from Taq DNA polymerase. The HoTaq is inactive at room temperature, but becomes active after 10 minutes at 95ºC.

Here is the result of comparing MCLAB's HoTaq with some other leading

- Hot-start to keep background low
- Solves the primer-dimer problem
- All handlings can be done at room temperature
- Easy calculation
- Taq DNA Polymerase in ready-to-use mixture
- Low contamination risk

- Routine PCR
- Genotyping
- Multiplex (multiple pairs of primers) PCR

Please follow the instructions for each PCR reaction (20µl final volume; can be done at room temperature):
1. Mix DNA template and primers
2. Add H2O to bring the total volume to 10µl
3. Add 10µl 2x HotStart Taq PCR Master Mix
4. Set the first PCR step to 95ºC for 10 minutes to activate the HoTaq
5. Continue PCR as usual

Recommended Storage Condition: -20ºC